XPress Cargo, Inc. is a full service asset based trucking company specializing in hauling refrigerated freight. We also offer one or more of the following Accounting, Administrative, Human Resources, Customer Service, Driver Settlement, Planner, Dispatch, Insurance/Claims, Fleet Maintenance, Safety and Recruiting services to trucking companies and owner/operators. Our unique business model allows us to network and work closely with our customers as if we are part of their business operations while remaining our own company and charging customers service fees for services rendered.

This Standard Operating Procedure Manual from this point forward will be called SOP Manual. The SOP Manual is designed to list instructions and step-by-step guidelines on how to complete a job task. This SOP Manual will explain how to handle a specific situation when it arises in the workplace. The thought process for the creation of this manual is to insure that consistent results will occur as long as everyone follows the steps.

The goal of the SOP Manual to insure consistency, and also is used as the primary training tool for new employees or to cross train current employees for standardized performance that promotes efficiency.

This manual will be available in print and on company computers. All procedures will updated by the Human Resource Manager as changes are made and the latest revised procedure update will be noted on each page of the manual.

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